We’ve created an indoor/outdoor “eatertainment” venue that offers something for everyone. It’s a big business, with a bigger personality, and we are looking for the right people to take it on. Welcome to Smash Park, a new spin in the community entertainment franchise space that invites everyone – from guests to team members to franchise owners – to find their happy place.

Endless games | Creative Drinks | Street style eats

It’s an opportunity to get excited about!


Build the kind of business that invites your entire community to do all of that and more!

Who knew a little activity known as pickleball, would become a huge sport played by over 3 million people in the U.S., with its own Association — which includes Smash Park on its national list of places to get your game on? We knew.

We also knew we wanted to provide an opportunity for others who want to get in on the game of business growth. We are having a blast growing Smash Park, and now you can too.

At Smash Park, we’ve taken things up a notch. We don’t mess around when it comes to providing a venue for a great time! Pickleball is the spirited anchor of each Smash Park community entertainment venue. We started with a few pickleball courts, flanked them with endless games, including shuffleboard, bocce, ping pong, cornhole and more. We threw in special events, social competition, great food, creative drinks and live music… and found the magical makings of a community-wide good time!

You’ve never seen anything quite like Smash Park

Smash Park is a welcoming, energetic gathering place where your guests come to hang out with friends and family, play games, eat and drink …and enjoy!

Demand for “eatertainment”

A quarter of Americans want more venues that offer both an activity and food and drink, and 21% said they are willing to pay more at an “eatertainment” venue versus a traditional one.

build together. Grow together.

Benefit from the expertise and experience our forward-thinking leadership team brings to this remarkable family entertainment franchise model.


Guests will be excited and motivated to invite their friends and family to your new business.

“Please open a location in the Chicago Burbs so we can live there every weekend!!! We love this place.”

Nicole G., Yelp

“Really fun place to go with a group of people. The food is really good and reasonably priced. I honestly had never heard of pickle ball, but it is a blast.”

Kyle, TripAdvisor

“Really fun atmosphere and I liked that there is a 21+ only area upstairs with lots of tv’s to watch games.”

A. Arthur, Facebook

“Our team was given the opportunity to test the Name That Tune virtual team building package and we had a blast! What a fun way to keep our employees connected with one another while practicing social distancing!”

Eric S., SHYFT Collective

“Everything went great! Our group LOVES the pickleball tournaments that we have! I think it was unanimous that the Smash Park event was the highlight of our two-day company meeting, so that’s awesome! Thank you so much for your hospitality and everyone is already excited to come back in February!”

Jill B., Navigate Wellbeing Solutions

Demand has never been hotter for all things Smash Park.

Open a Smash Park of your own to provide an affordable, lively, indoor/outdoor party experience that fun-loving consumers want – and build your business portfolio in a dynamic, exciting and fun way.

It’s an opportunity to get excited about!